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Enneagram Coaching Programs

“Coaching with the Enneagram” Program 1.0

6-session certificate program (40.5 ICF ACSTH/CCEU credits)
For those newer to the Enneagram, newer to coaching or newer to integrating the two
Fully integrates the Enneagram with the best coaching theory and practice
Rigorous coaching methodology and techniques
Applied Enneagram knowledge
Skill practice with feedback
Coach self-development

Virtual | June 13 – 24, 2022 |Singapore Time Zone| $1700 USD | Register here

Program Overview

“Coaching with the Enneagram” is based on multiple perspectives to coaching: coaching methodology, coaching techniques, Enneagram knowledge and skills, coaching practice with feedback, and ample self-development. And while expertise, experience, and skills matter, what matters just as much is the character and qualities of the person doing the coaching. This includes their humanness, authenticity, level of self-mastery, centeredness, clarity about their motivations for wanting to coach, their ability to listen without judgment, and factors such as presence, being able to be in divided attention where they are fully attentive to more than one thing, and more.

Coach Self-Development

During the program, everyone is both a coach and a client. This is true each day, as participants practice their just learned knowledge and skills in multiple mini-skill practice pairs that occur throughout. At the end of each day, participants also engage in Peer Coaching trios who coach one another in the same trios throughout the week for a more intensive coaching experience. Being coached is just as beneficial as being the coach for several reasons: (1) it is an opportunity for your growth as a person and a coach, and (2) it gives you a first-hand experience of being in the client role.

There are other self-development opportunities interspersed in the program: multiple centering activities for you to experience and use for yourself daily or right before you go into a coaching session, type group work, and small group work.

Coaching Knowledge

This program contains a great deal of cognitive and theory input, and these content areas are always combined with information and skill-practice that allow you to put the cognitive learning into action.

You’ll learn about coaching frameworks, coaching processes, and how to choose which approach is best for you and your client. Even more, you’ll learn about how to assess a client’s level of self-mastery within their Enneagram style and why certain approaches work best with the different levels of mastery. Every skill and technique used in the program is theory-based, so you’ll also learn why these work and when to use them.

Coaching Skills

The skills taught include time for practice with feedback, and the Peer Coaching trios at day’s end provide a time to utilize the day’s techniques. The Peer Coaching involves 3 individuals involved in 3 rounds of coaching; in each round, one person is the coach, the other is the client, and the third person is the observer, who offers feedback after the coaching interaction.

Coaching Techniques

Great techniques used at the right time can make a huge difference in the depth and acceleration of the coaching experience. However, the best technique is for the coach to appear not to be using any, even though excellent coaches are highly trained and use a variety of techniques. A fine musician knows the scales and has mastered technique, but they appear to be playing without effort. Similarly, a skilled coach who knows how to be centered and in presence functions like a fine artist.

This program is not about technique, it is about coaching excellence with the Enneagram. You’ll learn 20+ techniques, but you’ll also learn when and how to use them. The program techniques are drawn from a variety of disciplines: Gestalt awareness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychotherapeutic models, visioning, Enneagram theory, and more. Often less (technique) is more in terms of positive impact.

Program schedule at a glance…

Day 1

Program overview
How to type clients one-on-one
Coaching models
NLP rapport techniques
Peer Coaching
Optional early morning session: Enneagram Overview

Day 2

Coaching by Enneagram style and self-mastery levels
Head Center challenges
Heart Center challenges
Body Center challenges
Paradox challenges
Peer Coaching
Optional early morning session: Head Center styles 5, 6 and 7

Day 3

Gestalt coaching approaches
Voice work
Projection and polarities
Peer coaching
Optional early morning session: Heart Center styles 2, 3 and 4

Day 4

NLP coaching approaches
Enneagram style-based motivation: searches and avoidances
Peer Coaching
Optional early morning session: Body Center styles 8, 9 and 1

Day 5

Transformational coaching
How to type clients one-on-one
Peer Coaching conclusion
Optional early morning session: 27 Enneagram subtypes

Advanced “Coaching with the Enneagram” Program 2.0

4-session certificate program (41 ICF ACSTH/CCEU credits)
For past participants of 1.0 or those with robust Enneagram-coaching knowledge and skills
Mental map coaching
Emotional literacy coaching
Somatic coaching
Transformative coaching
Team coaching

Program Overview

“Advanced Coaching with the Enneagram” is an intensive, 4-day residential program that meets from 9AM to 10PM each day (except for the last day, which ends at 6PM) and is open only to participants who have completed Ginger’s first program, “Coaching with the Enneagram,” or who have a strong Enneagram knowledge and are not new to the coaching profession. It is also expected that participants already use the Enneagram in their coaching practice.

The program is based on the philosophy that coaching is a client-centered or client-focused experience in which the coach brings skills and knowledge in service of the client’s growth and transformation. This includes accessing all of themselves – head, heart, and mind; alignment with their intentions and values; and integration, which means the client needs to integrate all of their learning, including the somatic aspects of coaching. To this end, the coach needs to be on a continuous growth trajectory in which the coach also accesses all of her- or himself is aligned and congruent and is continuously working toward their own integration as a coach and as a person.

Although the basics of coaching are reviewed in this program – for example, what is coaching, coaching ethics, and the core skills of listening, questioning, feedback, and challenging clients through direct communication, the program goes deeply and broadly into sophisticated coaching knowledge of their client’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and nuanced skills in client-coach interactions, all using the Enneagram.

Each participant selects one deep coaching desire and, using the same desire throughout the week, engages with a variety of other participants (as coaches) in relation to this deep development desire. Because of this focus, the program helps all participants learn how to coach clients at a vertical (deep) as well as horizontal (practical) level and also go deeply into their own development as coaches.

Program schedule at a glance…

Day 1 | Client as a whole system

Program overview
What is coaching? | What is not coaching?
ICF ethical standards
The Coaching Circle | listening, questioning, feedback and challenges
Person as a whole system
Coaching the whole person
Identify deep development desire
Individual work on development desire
Mental model coaching | patterns and assumptions
Coaching Circles (facilitated group coaching) | negations and undoing them

Day 2 | Heart Center coaching

Day overview
Centers shifting – Head, heart, body – while coaching
How each type uses their Heart, Head and Body
How to best coach them to access their hearts
Heart opening coaching practices
Centers opening with music
Heart-centered coaching
Speaking from your heart | clients and coaches
Storytelling from the heart
Emotional patterns identification
Coaching Circles (facilitated group coaching) | affirmations

Day 3 | Body Center coaching

Day overview
Body reading
Body inventory
Contract and release
Breathing exercises
Conscious walking
Enneagram map
Somatic patterns
Coaching Circles (facilitated group coaching) | feedback

Day 4 | Integration

Day overview
Check-in coaching
Mental transformations | fixations
Emotional transformations
Subtype transformations
Color transformations
Development Plan
Coaching Circles | summation and getting what you want
Coaching certificates

Coaching Downloads


Ginger Lapid-Bogda

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD

An internationally recognized Enneagram author, trainer, keynote speaker, OD consultant and coach, Ginger is considered a world leader in bringing the insights of the Enneagram to organizations across the globe. With over 35 years experience, Ginger works with organizations, leaders and teams as they use the Enneagram, fully integrated with the theory and practice of organization development, to create vibrant, innovative and sustainable human systems. She is the author of 5 Enneagram-business books that have been translated into multiple languages; provides highly respected TTT and other certification programs for trainers, coaches and consultants around the world, all based on the Enneagram’s business applications; offers easy-to-use, engaging Enneagram training tools; and created “Know Your Type,” the robust Enneagram App. TheEnneagramInBusiness.com

Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
Ginger’s books: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work | What Type of Leader Are You? | Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach | The Enneagram Development Guide | Consulting with the Enneagram | The Art of Typing

Individual and group coaching available with Ginger Lapid-Bogda and the Enneagram in Business Network

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International Coaching Federation (ICF)

The ICF, the largest global coach accrediting body, has approved both Enneagram in Business coaching programs for ACSTH credits. These credits can be used toward either an ICF coaching credential (60 hours required for the minimum credential) or as continuing education credits for renewing existing ICF credentials (40 CCEUs every 3 years) and cover the core competencies.

Attending both programs gives more than the 60 credits needed for an initial ICF credential, although there are other requirements as well: a specified number of documented client coaching hours, a written ethics test, and 10 hours of mentor coaching by an ICF approved mentor-coach. A Senior Member of the Enneagram in Business Network is an ICF authorized mentor-coach and offers discounted rates to participants of The Enneagram in Business coaching programs:
Tracy Tresidder (Australia) tracy@tracytresidder.com

Please go to the ICF website for all current details about ICF credentials and renewals.

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